Pubdefender was specifically set up to provide support for tenants in their dealings with their Pubcompany Landlords whether it be in rental disputes or assisting in them taking the new Market Rent Only option when it becomes available to them.

The Pub Co business model is a sophisticated scam to exploit those who do not have the same level of support or sophistication that the Pubco has.

For over 20 years the relationship between Licesness and Brewers or Pub Owning Companies has been a one sided one identified by four Business and Industry Government reports, with the balance of risk and reward being firmly on the side of the Pubco.

In November 2014, following a successful campaign to reform the behaviour of these Companies, legislation was passed including the opportunity during the length of a Lease or Tenancy for the Licensee to go Market Rent Only, effectively paying a market rent but being free to buy their beer from wherever they choose.

The transfer of profits from the Pub Company to the tenant offers a huge incentive to go MRO, but it is a route that has been carefully mapped out by Government legislation and to maximise the benefits many licensees may feel that they need expert help.

As one of the campaigners who has fought to bring about these changes, Dave Mountford is well placed to assist licensees who are facing the process for the first time.

Having been part of a team of Campaigners who has help develop the Legislation and being well versed on the role of the PubCo Adjudicator who will oversee the legislation Dave can offer expert advice and support which can potentially save the tenant thousands of pounds.

Closely affiliated with The Pubs Advisory Service, Pub Defender can advise you on your rights and guide you through your negotiations with your Pubcompany.